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Choose and Cut

Choose and Cut

You Cut Trees Abundant moisture and plenty of sunshine through the growing season has produced spectacular needle growth on all of our Christmas Conifers. They are all neatly trimmed and ready for the Holidays. Our Choose & Cut season opens up on Friday November 29th. Our 3rd Annual Country Christmas Market will begin operations on that same day offering additional family fun and adventure.

Tree Varieties Available

Fraser Fir - The combination of form, needle retention, dark blue-green color, pleasant scent and excellent shipping characteristics has led to Fraser fir being the most popular Christmas tree species. Needles are soft and short with a silver-blue under hue. Branching is moderately stiff. Needle retention is excellent.

Balsam Fir - Needles are soft, short and dark-green to bluish in appearance. Branches are moderately stiff with an attractive arrangement. Needle retention is fair but retains its pleasing fragrance.

Colorado Blue Spruce - is finding increasing popularity as a Christmas tree as a result of its symmetrical form and attractive blue foliage. Short needles circle the entire branch and are very sharp to the touch. Aroma is pungent and branches are very stiff. It is best to setup your Blue Spruce as a cut Christmas tree later in the Season (preferably after Dec. 1st) as needle retention is fair.

Turkish Fir - new to the marketplace as a Christmas tree, this species is native to northwestern Turkey and a hybrid between A. cephalonica and A. nordmanniana (a popular Christmas tree in Europe) This tree is like a Fraser fir on Steroids. It has a tendency to grow wide and its foliage is a beautiful, dark green with excellent needle retention.You Cut Trees

Grand Fir - Has the reputation for being the most fragrant fir in the world. Needles are exceedingly long, dark green, and flat. Needle retention is rated at moderate and the branching is more suited for lighter weight ornaments. The body of the tree is both full and robust.

Assistance and Services

Wagon rides Saturday & Sundays

Wagons run until 4:00 pm

Trunk Drilling

Tree Baling


Fun Family You-take Holiday Photo Scene

Accessories Available

"Upright in Seconds" Christmas Tree Stands

Tree Disposal Bags

Watering ElfYou Cut Trees

2019 Hours and Pricing

You-cut operations will be run exclusively at our 3700 Boss Road Extension location. We will have the you-cut site open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Opening day is Friday November 29th and the final day of our season will be on Sunday, December 22nd.

2019 You-cut Pricing

$50.00 (inclusive of Sales Tax) up to 8 foot

$70.00 (inclusive of Sales Tax) 8 foot to 10 foot

$110.00 (inclusive of Sales Tax) 10 foot to 12 foot